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The Entrepreneur - Achieving Financial Independence

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

In his latest book, The Entrepreneur – Achieving Financial Independence, author Anthony Cerantonio, provides practical insight on how to achieve financial independence. Anthony’s insights come from establishing many successful businesses within the hospitality industry, media and entertainment, tourism, event management, and non-profitable organisations, in addition to his own public and forensic accounting practice. Despite his success in establishing a multitude of businesses over the years, most came at a great personal expense which taught him to deal with and overcome depression, anxiety, and stress during difficult financial times.

However, as is the natural cycle of life, after each battering of waves comes calm seas and clear skies, and once Anthony recognized that he learned that from the gravest adversity comes incredible strength and resilience to continue and achieve more than one could imagine.

Anthony is greatly concerned that with the rapid increase in inflation, interest rates, cost of living, existing world tension, and power costs, many small businesses will endure difficult financial times that could result in depression, anxiety, stress, and mental illness. Unless they have the tools and knowledge to deal with this situation it could bring about much financial and mental hardship.

Founded on the principles of good business management, Anthony Cerantonio unveils his ground- breaking PICA Management Process that helped him to strengthen his mind to cope with the gravest situations whilst cultivating ‘Thinking Organizations’ to assist small businesses to become more efficient, productive, and profitable.

This book offers a practical guide to achieving financial independence, including tips on how to establish a successful business and a comprehensive overview on how to protect your investments and family and business assets.

His philosophy is that Business should be about people and not profit and although achieving financial independence is critical to achieving a lifestyle of one’s choosing it should never be pursued at the cost of personal or social health; when marriage, family relationships, and friendships are put at risk or sustained stress and depression begin to appear, it is time to stop and re-valuate. Money without love and friendship brings no real joy (or success) to anyone.

The book will be launched by Anne Nalder, founder and CEO of Small Business Association of Australia on Wednesday, 3rd August 2022 at 6.00 pm at the SBAA Networking Evening at Victory Offices. Level 10, 900 Ann Street Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.

You can purchase the E-Book here;

Or if you would like a hard copy for 50% of compared to Amazon's price, please get in touch with us below;

Phone: (03) 5280 8432

Tony Cerantonio & the Forensic Accounting Group Team.

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